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Monocot Root-001-2400.jpg

Cross section of a monocot or monocotyledon root, smilax, also known as green brier, prickly ivy or sarsprilla under polarized light.  Smilax is a flowering plant or angiosperm.  Original magnification = 125x @ original scan (22mm x 33mm @ 2400 dpi or a 35mm film frame) or 500x on a 4 x 6 inch print. Red endodermis cells surround the endodermis, the central vascular cylinder or stele of vascular tissue, consisting of yellow xylem vessels, the green phloem strands or sieve tubes, and central pith (with starch crystals) from the parenchyma cortex (packing tissue between the epidermis and vascular tissue) filled with food, more star-like starch crystals.  All white structures besides the starch crystals are thick cellular walls.