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Paramecium 005 Nomarski Yellow DIC.JPG

Paramecium caudatum under Normarski differential interference contrast  illumination Phylum: Cilaphora (Cilates), Class: Holotrichia (Holotrichs), Genus: Paramecium, Species: Caudatum<br />
Paramecium caudatum, are cilate protozoa that are approximately 250 um (1/1000 of an inch) in length by 60um wide.  They move through water in in a corkscrew manner by pulsing their cilia, little hairs across their bodies.  They feed by pushing food into their oral groove by their pulsating cilia. Paramecium reproduce through the process of conjugation and fission.<br />
Primary features include; oral groove, contractile vacuoles, pores, radiating canals, macro and micro nucleus, cilia, cytopyge, pharynx, paraesophageal fibers.<br />
Original magnification on camera sensor was approximately 100x which equates to approximately 700X on a 4x6 inch print.