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Anthrax Bacteria 026

Red rods of ANthrax bacteria, Bacillus anthracis, build a 'web' through infected tissue.  this is Anthrax in situ.  The bacteria replicates clogging inter-tissue spaces.  Anthrax infection are spread aby contact or through inhalation of spores.  Anthrax is among terrorist's favorite bioweapons.  Oringal magnification 200x on 35mm film..ailment, CDC, bacteria, bacteriology, biology, bug, dangerous, death, epidemic, diagnosis, disease, germ, ill, illness, infection, infectious, harmful, hazardous, health, healthcare, medicine, micro biology, misery, microscope, microscopic, pain, painful, patient, scary, sick, sickness, viral,virus, Anthrax bacteria, Bacillus anthracis, causes anthrax in man.  Single spores link togehter forming characteristic chains.  Anthrax infections are spread by contact or through inhalation of spores like these.  Anthrax is among terorist's favorite bioweapons.