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Supplies Unloaded At The Los Alamos Elk's Lodge 2083.jpg

Los Alamos, NM, 1 July 2011:  Supplies to feed the hungry firefighters battling the Las Conchas forest fire are unloaded at Los Alamos Elk's Lodge 2083.  The Elks made upwards of 2500 meals a day and were open 24/7 to feed anyone.  Much praise should be given to the selfless volunteers and all the corporations and individuals who donated supplies and their time in the spirit of community service. The Las Conchas Wildfire threatens the city and Los Alamos National Laboratory, America's foremost nuclear research facility.  Los Alamos was the birthplace of the atomic age with the Manhattan Project during WWII.  The town was evacuated on Monday, 27, June 2011.  At this point, the fast moving wildfire has consumed over 45,000 acres, on its way to becoming the largest forest fire in New Mexico history.  A downed power line from intense winds is blamed for the origin of this devastating fire.  It is one of eight wildfires ravaging New Mexico and the second one to threaten Los Alamos in 11 years.  New Mexico is the driest state in the Union and has been under drought conditions for years. Albuquerque has had the driest year on record.